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Flash MX Carver E-Learning & Certification (knowledge work)


Carver Flash MX E-Learning & Certification (Knowledge): Adobe Flash is the industry standard for creating dynamic, interactive graphics and even entire websites. This workshop from expert trainer Kelly McCathran provides a complete introduction to Animation Starts Flash. It begins with a tour of the tools and user interface. Plus, learn how to create slideshows, incorporate other media into your videos. Animate shapes and objects, add screen frames, and more. Each lesson follows a simple step-by-step approach. It’s great for beginners and also very useful for more experienced users looking to create efficient workflows. Some simple projects are also included in this program so that you can test your new skills. In this course, we introduce you to the basics of Flash animation. You’ll feel comfortable with Flash’s tools and interface, and we’ll show you how to create Flash animations from scratch. After you are familiar with the Flash workspace, we will create and animate shapes and objects. You can create slideshows and incorporate other media into your videos. As your projects grow and develop, it’s best to organize all your files into libraries. This is one of the main features of Flash.  

More details

The main feature of flash animations is the use of vector images. For this reason, the volume of flash files is much smaller than other image formats. The possibility of easy coding in Action Script language to control objects and images in animation is another unique feature of Flash. In general, FLASH work is considered as one of the related jobs in the field of information. Tasks such as creating and editing FLASH documents that include designs, objects, lines, texts, buttons and moving images. It includes working with Action Script and Flash Movie output. This job is related to the jobs of design manager, analysis and analysis engineering, graphic design, web design and multimedia design.  

Course topics E-Learning & Certification Flash MX work (knowledge work) includes:

+ Understanding Timeline + Working with Timeline Effects + Add keyframes + Create slideshow + Include other media in the movie + Distribute your work effectively + Organize your assets + Creating an efficient workflow  

Prerequisites of this course :

[list_negative] The Flash MX Carver course (knowledge work) does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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