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First class industrial accountant E-Learning & Certification


Industrial Accounting Level 1 E-Learning & Certification is one of the most important management tools and its knowledge can greatly help the heart of an industrial unit. Actual costing is a very important tool available to management so that managers can calculate the actual cost of products and exercise control over material costs, labor costs, and other production costs. An industrial accountant is someone who, in addition to the skills of a second-grade industrial accountant, can handle the operations listed in the standard and also has sufficient knowledge of relevant theories.

Advantages of first class industrial accountant course:

+ There is a clear career path. + This is a stable and growing career field. + You will have the possibility of professional growth.

Disadvantages of first-class industrial accountant course:

+ training continues. + Work can seem boring.

Duties of a first-class industrial accountant:

+ Collection of property and their maintenance + Accurate statistics and update of the product’s cost price: that is, the price of raw materials, transportation, wages and many other things may change during the year. that the industrial accountant must have the cost price of the product in an up-to-date and accurate manner so that in addition to being accountable to the relevant legal authorities, the company does not suffer losses. + Determining all warehouse remittances in Rials. + Preparing the amount of assets, debts, creditors, out-of-class and scrapped property and preparing complete reports of the company’s movable and immovable property. + Registration and numbering of all movable properties and their identification, which is also called Kobi license plate.

Headings of the first-level industrial accountant E-Learning & Certification course:

_Introduction to industrial accounting_Introductory industrial accounting_Industrial Accounting Level 1_Basic concepts of costing_Instructions for preparing and adjusting the budget_ Forms and application letters

First-class industrial accountant course is useful for the following fields:

+ Financial accounting + Management accounting + Cost accounting + Tax accounting + Legal accounting + Government accounting + General accounting + Accounting Industry + auditing + social accounting + accounting of non-profit organizations + systems accounting + budgetary accounting + in short, this course can be useful for any discipline.

Prerequisites of the First Class Industrial Accountant Course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. Registration of digital work
First Class Industrial Accountant
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