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Virtual attention training


virtual concentration training: We all have the ability to focus. Writing a story, playing the piano, or being engrossed in a movie all require concentration. But sometimes your thoughts are scattered and your mind is drawn from one subject to another. This is when you need to learn how to boost your memory. When I eat I just eat and when I sleep I just sleep. This is perhaps the greatest fruit of concentration. When you eat, can you focus all your attention on eating and the pleasure and taste of the food? Or you are usually disturbed by thoughts about the past and the future, and when you come to your senses, you see that you have run out of food. And you have not understood anything except stomach fullness. Mindfulness training course makes you control your mind and move forward with time.

What you will learn in the mindfulness course:

+ Mindfulness
+ focus
+ Thinking clearly
+ attention control
+ Stress Management
+ Meditation

Course virtual learning Who is suitable concentration:

+ Busy managers
+ Agent Managers + Entrepreneurs + Stressed people +Anyone who can’t enjoy the present moment
[list_negative] + strong desire to achieve mindfulness
+ Keep an open mind


In this helpline program, RCO Academy helps you to receive a degree equivalent to your skill level by participating in the virtual course or by evaluating your supporting documents.

In this program, you can be evaluated by sending your educational records, skill training courses, a C.V of valid work experience, or participating in RCO online exam.

All  Certificate issued through RCO academy website (RCO.AC) can be queried and tracked.

How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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