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Training & Certificate Of psychopathology


E-Learning & Certification of psychopathology, consists of eleven topics in which we will examine the issue of psychopathology and mental retardation in detail. The subject of psychopathology and mental retardation is important for the society and the individual. Knowledge of the problem and methods of interaction and work is very important for every person and specialist who has contact with people in a similar situation. We hope that our E-Learning & Certification can clarify some topics and enrich your knowledge and experience. The science of studying anomalies and mental disorders is psychopathology. However, one of the most difficult challenges faced by experts in the field of abnormal psychology is the definition of abnormal behavior. The best definition that can be given for abnormal behavior should include characteristics such as: violation of norms, statistical rarity, personal distress, disability or dysfunction, unpredictability, dangerousness, and social discomfort. Among the characteristics of abnormal behavior, we can mention statistical infrequency, violation of norms, personal distress, incapacity, unpredictability, social discomfort, and dangerousness.  

What you will learn in this course:

General information about mental retardation, clinical picture of mental retardation, causes of mental retardation, diagnosis of mental retardation, mild mental retardation, moderate mental retardation, severe mental retardation, profound mental retardation Other mental retardation Unspecified mental retardation Treatment and interventions related to mild mental retardation Differential analysis of intellectual functions and psychological approach in mental retardation   Psychopathology E-Learning & Certification courseFor whom is it useful?   Psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, professors, social workers, medical doctors, nurses, parents, university students, anyone interested in psychopathology and mental retardation. Prerequisites of this course: The psychopathology course does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.


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