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E-Learning & Certification of psychology of addiction


E-Learning & Certification of psychology of addiction, addiction is a disease in which the patient repeats a behavior that has bad consequences. This disease causes the behavior to be repeated by causing a disturbance in the control of the behavior-reward system. Addiction disease disrupts the neural circuits in the brain. And disruption of these systems in the brain causes biological, physiological, social and mental complications. Addiction is examined as a psychological, social and economic complication from the perspective of medical sciences, psychology and sociology. Dependence on addiction, or abnormal habits, is a psychiatric disorder and psychology. On the one hand, it destroys the meaning of the word happiness in the life of a person and his family. And on the other hand, it brings countless social and economic damages. The burden related to substance dependence in the country is on the fourth place in the classification of the burden of diseases after accidents and incidents, cardiovascular diseases and depression. These facts show that the provision of treatment for addiction and substance use disorders is very important in improving the health of society. On the other hand, the main treatment method in the use of stimulants and one of the important components of treatment in the use of opioids is non-pharmacological treatments and psychotherapy. Addiction psychology training course can be fruitful for all psychologists who want to work in substance abuse treatment centers.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification psychology of addiction:

+ The first year of cessation + Survivors from addiction + Addiction, drugs Narcotics and their effects + Getting rid of addiction + Therapy sessions and recovery

Prerequisite Addiction psychology training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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