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Training & Certificate Of Ajax programming and website design


Ajax programming and website design E-Learning & Certification, Ajax is a new architecture for web applications, which is expanding at a very fast pace, Ajax is a technique. But to use this technique, the web programmer must know the basic principles and basics of this technology and be familiar with its components. In addition, programmers who intend to work with Ajax should change their thinking about web applications and try to ensure that the programs they write are consistent with the principles and basics of Ajax, and from the most basic stage, which is program design. , consider these principles. The most important advantage of this architecture is that it is no longer necessary to reload the web page to do anything. The word Ajax is the name of the phrase XML and JavaScript Asynchronous and means JavaScript and XML asynchronous or asymmetric. Ajax is a new technology that can be used to interface a program He made the web so that when the user clicks on a button or a link, all the operations of sending information and receiving results are done behind the scenes and only that part of the interface that is supposed to display new information. change without reloading the whole page. In the Ajax course, you can study this new and revolutionary technology from different aspects and get to know its technical basics.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Ajax programming and website design:

+ Ajax for everyone + Ajax is a new solution for web applications + Ajax and PHP training + Ajax principles and techniques + Beggining Ajax whit PHP + head first Ajax + java script JSON and Ajax + Ajax tutorials Point + Ajax Programming

Training course Program Ajax website writing and design is useful for the following fields:

  • Information Technology
  • Software
  • Programming

Prerequisites of the training course Ajax programming and website design :

  • Html
  • Css
  • Javascript


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