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3D MAX E-Learning & Certification


3D MAX E-Learning & Certification, the animators had to work with the rules and style of the same school, which the studios wanted from them. Initially, these studios were influenced by the stories and characters of live cinema and did not pay much attention to graphics and visual appeal. Because they looked at animation as entertainment. And they were looking for more products. The competition between the animation studios in the world had caused the formation of their own movement, form, graphics and aesthetics, which resulted in the emergence of different schools in the world of animation. Reducing or increasing the main role of politics in the field of culture and arts, paying attention to the visual arts of humor, comedy, design, illustration, cartoons, competition, the emergence of famous artists in each specific period, paying attention to reducing the budget and production cost, summarizing with simple The most important thought and tool for creating thinking in the audience, attracting capital owners and the audience is one of the important factors that caused the diversity in the creation of schools in the early period of the dynamic prosperity of the world. 3D Max software is a product of Autodesk, this software is implemented in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry to perform 3D architectural modeling, this software can model 3D Perform mechanics, 3D architectural rendering, and aircraft interiors through 3D architecture.

Advantages of 3D MAX virtual course:

+ Production of 3D animations + desired effects in computer games, movies, cartoons, etc. + Connecting several objects to each other. + It has the ability to render categorized layouts that make the process of configuration and moving between interfaces easy.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification 3D MAX :

_ 3D Max training _ animation knowledge _ rendering in design software

The 3D Max 3D MAX training course is useful for the following disciplines:

[ list_positive] Civil engineering, architectural engineering [/list_positive] Prerequisites of this course: The 3D Max course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. Registration of digital work 3D Max free sample certificate madrak educational standard manual


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