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Training & Certificate Of website design with HTML5 and CSS3


Virtual website design training with html5 and CSS3: To build a website, the first step is to learn HTML and CSS languages, which are the two main and basic languages for web design. If you want to work with JavaScript and jQuery, you need HTML and CSS. If you want to be a web developer, you must first have a good command of HTML and CSS. If you want to design and program templates and plugins for WordPress, knowledge about HTML and CSS is the most important thing you need. One of the goals of creating Html5 is to support the latest multimedia technologies (videos, audio files, and images), which makes reading them much easier for web browsers, computers, etc. CSS3 basically added features to web pages that made it easier to do many things and make web pages more attractive and beautiful than ever before. This course is for all people who are thinking of starting a business site design are recommended. The audience of this course are people who want to make money from website design, or webmasters and site administrators who want to change the appearance of templates on their own. Those interested in programming and especially young people interested in this field can start from here. In this training course, we will introduce you to the latest version of these two languages, HTML5 and CSS3.

Advantages of teaching website design with html5 and CSS3 :

+ Beautiful shape + Stability + Improve accessibility + Support for rich media elements + Offline save application + More detailed storage

List of headings virtual learning website design with html5 and CSS3 :

+ Introduction of html and css + html in plain language + Jquery training

Prerequisite for this course:

[list_negative] + Introduction to internet and web [/list_negative]


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How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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