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Training & Certificate Of tourism reporter


E-Learning & Certification of tourism reporter, tourism reporter is a career in the field of tourism who has the skills of: basic concepts of tourism – expression and communication techniques – examining the influence of psychology and anthropology in tourism – using magazines, newspapers, websites electronic and audio and visual media in the field of tourism and preparing reports, photos and videos related to tourism events and is related to the job of a general tourist guide. As the simplest definition, it can be said: a reporter is someone who is engaged in the profession of journalism, that is, news and news reports for printing in newspapers, magazines, publications or for broadcasting on radio, television and the Internet, and or supervises doing these things. Press reporters, i.e. reporters who work for print media, can be divided into the following groups: Writers who write in different fields and around different topics and publish the desired content in the form of notes, articles, analysis, criticism and reviews.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Tourism reporter:

    • Atlas of Iran’s Provinces
    • Art of Expression and Ritual of Oratory
    • Atlas of Iran’s History
    • Map of Iran’s Roads
    • Iran Earth
    • Anthropology of Iran
    • The relationship between the tourism industry and the resistance economy
    • Knowledge of the spirits of nations
    • Knowledge Tourism industry
    • Principles of Iranian architecture
    • Process of construction of tourism facilities
    • How to evaluate tourism facilities
    • Laws and legal regulations of tourism
    • >
    • Tolerance capacity in tourism
    • Analysis of the tourism industry
    • Recommendations of tourism statistics
    • Investment in the tourism industry
    • Security strategies Tourism
    • Basics of anthropology
    • Principles of culture and anthropology
    • Tourism and economic opportunities
    • Travel and tourism services
    • Urban tourism
    • Guidelines and guidelines for tourism
    • Natural geography of Iran
    • Preliminary training for journalism
    • Preliminaries of journalism and news writing
    • li>
    • Interviewing principles
    • Report writing
    • Writing skills
    • Travel Journalism

Prerequisites of the tourism reporter training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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