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E-Learning & Certification to work with a forklift


E-Learning & Certification to work with a forklift, a forklift is a machine with a mast, forks and attachments that are designed and built in different shapes and capacities according to the type of activity for transporting, moving and storing loads. According to the type of work and the environment, it uses fossil fuels, gas or electricity. The type of operation in the forklift is based on the principle of two balanced weights on one axis, which are completely opposite each other and in the opposite direction, and in fact, the same principle governing the operation. Seesaw is true in forklifts. That is, by having a point of support, which are the front wheels in a forklift, the load placed on the forks is balanced by the weight of the forklift, and thus the load is moved after balancing with the help of the moving force of the forklift engine. The forks are part of these machines that carry loads. The power and energy of forklifts are supplied by electric motors or by internal combustion engines that work with diesel, gasoline or LPG fuels. You students will get to know the principles of working with forklifts in the forklift training course.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification working with a forklift:

+ The ability to recognize the systems used in forklifts + Knowledge of forklifts and related risks + Ability to service and maintain forklift + Ability to implement traffic rules and regulations + Ability Recognition of control room equipment + Ability to implement safety in working with machines + Ability to walk and Carrying out executive operations of the device + How to safely operate a forklift + Methods of visiting and inspecting forklifts + Types of cranes and related definitions + Dangers of working with cranes and lifting devices and ways to prevent them + Safety principles in setting up and working with cranes + How to inspect cranes + Familiarity with loading devices and their control + SWL ( definitions and how to calculate) + Getting to know the safety rules and regulations for working with forklifts and cranes + Presentation of related training videos and images

Prerequisites of the forklift training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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