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E-Learning & Certification to strengthen memory and speed reading


E-Learning & Certification to strengthen memory and speed reading: Reading is one of the most important means of human communication with the outside environment. In the meantime, various materials are increasing at an indescribable speed, the number of newspapers, magazines, textbooks, fiction, scientific, research, etc. is increasing every day. In this regard, there is a need to study more, but the main problem is that in order to increase your information, you must Time More spend studying. But unfortunately, time is limited and cannot be increased, so what is the solution? The only solution is to increase the speed of your study so as not to fall behind in the ignorance of science. We live in the age of technology. where despite the little opportunity we have. There are so many things to learn that each of them requires a lot of study and research. Considering the little time we have daily, learning this amount of information and content will seem impossible. But it is interesting to know that you can learn and remember new things in the same time and in a short time. Speed reading gives you the opportunity to read material faster. As a result, you will spend less time learning past material and you will have more opportunity to learn new material. This course also contains a 12-minute audio file.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification strengthening memory and speed reading:

+ ways to strengthen memory + 57 lessons to strengthen memory + New techniques of reading and speed reading

Are you familiar with the 80-20 rule? Are you?

In 1906, an Italian economist named Pareto, while researching the distribution of wealth in Italy, realized that 80% of the wealth of his country was in the hands of 20% of the society. And he called the rich an important minority. The rest of the 80% of the society’s population was called an unimportant majority. Many researchers investigated this result in their field of work and reached the same results. In 1940, the pioneer of quality management gave this principle to Pareto. ratio and called the 80-20 rule. The mentioned law is one of the most useful concepts in the field of management and life: + 80% of your profit is related to 20% of your products or services. + 80% of patients suffer from 20% of diseases. + 80% of accidents are related to 20% of traffic violations. + 80% of your success is related to 20% of your activity. You often see people who work full time but don’t seem to get much done because they put off one or two major tasks.

Requirements for the memory and speed reading training course:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and teaches from the basics to be [/list_negative]


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