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E-Learning & Certification to comply with the requirements of health, hygiene and safety in the workplace


E-Learning & Certification to comply with the requirements of health, hygiene and safety in the workplace is in the field of health and safety, which includes tasks such as prevention of harmful factors Physical work environment, prevention of harmful chemical, biological, mental and psychological factors, ergonomics and control and reduction of environmental hazards using Personal protective equipment in the work environment predicts and prevents risks, provides first aid, extinguishes fire, and observes personal and public health in the work environment.

Principles of safety in the workplace:

Safety is defined as the protection of humans and their efficiency from injuries and the prevention of human injuries. Man’s first attempt to improve immunity was recorded 2,000 years ago in Pliny and the Elder’s Natural History. For example, in this book, it is said that workers should use protective masks to prevent inhalation of toxic substances, and one of the first safety devices is mine safety lamps. The purpose of implementing safety regulations and relevant guidelines is to create a healthy environment so that workers can continue their work without worrying about the dangers of the industry. In this way, the fear of the unknown future, which is born and caused by incidents and accidents in the work environment, will be revealed in our industrial society. Without the existence of a safety officer, not only a step is not taken in the way of industrial progress, but the industry will suffer chaos and disintegration and sooner or later it will lead to gradual deterioration.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Compliance with health, hygiene and safety requirements in the workplace:

+ occupational health and safety + physical factors of the work environment + Chemical accidents in the workplace + Mental health in the workplace + Management Stress + Ergonomics in the work environment + Personal protection in the work environment + Basics of first aid + Notification and extinguishing systems + Personal and public health

The course on compliance with health, hygiene and safety requirements in the workplace is useful for the following disciplines:

  • <p class="LC20lb DKV0Md" Environmental Health Engineer Health, hygiene and safety in the workplace: [list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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