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E-Learning & Certification for caring for health and family health issues


E-Learning & Certification to take care of health and family health matters: health is the basic right of every human being and a social goal, and the fact that the level of health of people affects the development of society is an undeniable principle, and since health is a process in The current is changing, so the health of the family must be continuously cared for, intervened and managed. The family, this most basic institution of the society, includes different age groups that, in order to excel in providing health-oriented services to these target groups, the guardians of health inevitably Pay special attention to them. Providing service to all target groups, including women (pregnant and non-pregnant) – children under 8 years old (especially infants) – middle-aged and elderly, each as a vulnerable group, design and policy, planning, implementation and monitoring of implementation It requires its own health programs. The Family and Population Health Group considers it its duty to achieve the huge mission that it is responsible for, to bring all its services and activities to a level in terms of quantity and quality that allows the benefit of optimal health services and fair access with a good quality of life. provided for all target groups covered.

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taking care of health and health matters in the family is a job in the field of health and safety that includes the skills of using factors affecting health and disease, using personal and environmental hygiene to ensure the health of family members, protecting the environment , setting up a suitable meal plan in order to maintain the health of the family, applying the principles of social etiquette, identifying the origin of domestic accidents and preventing them, performing first aid in the event of an accident or illness, and caring for and nursing family members. , mother and child nurses are related.

Headings E-Learning & Certification take care of health and family health:

+ Using factors affecting health and disease

+ Using personal and environmental hygiene to ensure the health of family members

+ environmental protection

+ Setting up a suitable family meal plan to maintain family health

+ Applying the principles of social etiquette

+ Identifying the origin of domestic accidents and preventing them

+do primary when an accident or illness occurs

+ Care and nursing of family members

Health and family health group It includes the following programs:

+ program Children’s health + Maternal health program + Healthy Fertility Program + Middle-aged health program + Elderly health

Prerequisites of the E-Learning & Certification course for health care and family health:

+ This course is taught from the basics and does not require special prerequisites.  
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