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Training & Certificate Of telephone marketing


Telephone marketing E-Learning & Certification course, Telephone marketing is a competency from the job group of financial and commercial affairs in the field of services and includes the tasks of identifying the principles and concepts of marketing, identifying the main elements of telephone communication, the telephone marketing process, and It is related to the jobs of marketer and seller.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a marketing strategy that involves communicating with customers over the phone. . In telemarketing, a trained marketer tries to convince the customer to use the products and services of his business. Telemarketing can help a wide variety of organizations achieve better results in different ways. Although the most obvious form of Telemarketing includes direct contacts of companies with the final consumer; But telephone marketing for B2B businesses also has its own efficiency, and even international marketing uses this method. the customer should make a purchase.

+ fulfill the customer’s wishes.

+ make the customer interested in your brand.

+ customer attention attract to yourself

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification telephone marketing:

+ identifying the principles and concepts of telephone marketing

+ identifying The main elements of telephone communication

+ telemarketing process

Who is called a telemarketer?

A telemarketer is a person who represents the sale of products or services. He is in charge of Khas by phone and sometimes in person. Telephone marketers do marketing in 2 ways:

1-Outbound marketing: in such a way that marketers are given a list of contact information of potential customers so that they can continuously communicate with consumers or businesses. establish This information is collected after the search by the telephone marketer or from other sources.

2- Inbound marketing: In this form of marketing, advertisements reach the ears of customers through other media and The telemarketer is waiting for a phone call from the customer. For example, a customer sees a product advertisement on TV and calls the announced contact number and orders the desired product.

Telephone marketing for fields The following are useful:


  • Commerce
  • Sales
  • Business Management


Prerequisite for the training course Telephone marketing:


  • Business management


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