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Training & Certificate Of Silver Light software


E-Learning & Certification of Silverlight software: Microsoft’s new technology for creating strong and beautiful user interface in web applications. This technology was first introduced to the software world by Microsoft in a collection called Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF. And it was mentioned as one of the new features of .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista. Silverlight technology provides a runtime for implementing the user interface of web applications (Rich Internet Applications). which allows web programmers to integrate animation, multimedia files, video and other WPF features along with the possibility of using technologies such as AJAX, XML, JavaScript. Silverlight is one of the shining jewels in Microsoft’s toolbox. Silverlight is one of the latest technologies offered by Microsoft. which allows synchronization to play animation, music, photos, and other multimedia files under the web provides. That’s why many people consider Silverlight as a new competitor to the Flash format. But the main purpose of Microsoft company to provide this technology is to help the development of web applications. In fact, programmers can play different media in their applications with the help of Silverlight Runtimes. and use Java and Ajax codes at the same time. Silverlight supports MP3, WMA, WMV formats internally. This means that the user does not need to have Windows Media Player or its ActiveX on their system to play their files in these formats. Silverlight also supports the ASF format, but the Silverlight license states that the use of this format is only allowed for personal and non-commercial use.  

What you will learn in the Silver Light software E-Learning & Certification course:

+ Creating a Visual Studio project + Create user interface + Connect to RSS feed + Coding with IntelliSense + Creating rich web applications with Silverlight + Building Windows applications with forms Windows + Integration with SQL Server + Working with Microsoft Office programs + Understanding the ability to develop in Visual Studio + Working with data, ADO.NET and datasets using from source control  

The advantages of the E-Learning & Certification course of Silverlight software:

* Silverlight can be used for online display and streaming ( Streaming) used movies and music. * Due to its small size (less than 2mb), it can be easily downloaded and installed on the browser. * Silverlight improves the appearance and speed of web applications due to the use of client computer hardware resources. * Vector images (VECTOR-BASED GRAPHICS), music, text and animation can also be used in SilverLight. * Web designers can do all the things they used to do using AJAX technology internally and more easily in Silverlight. * .NET programmers, including C#, VB, J#, etc., can use their abilities in the .NET world for production. * Even programmers of PHP, JSP and other languages (Server Side Programming Language) can use SilverLight. * Due to the multitude of languages that can be selected for the production of SilverLight programs, it is very easy to learn and use this technology. * You can easily use LINQ, RSS, JSON and any web service from all the beauty of Windows Vista. * You can stream audio files with WMA and MP3 extensions using SilverLight.   Prerequisites of Silver Light software E-Learning & Certification course: + This course requires special prerequisites for no training


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