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Training & Certificate Of senior purchasing agent


E-Learning & Certification of senior purchasing officer: Senior purchasing officer is in the field of financial and commercial affairs – accounting. And skills such as forecasting the company’s needs, asking for the needs to the extent that it prevents the capital record, saving money, checking the inventory control. Determining the order point and the order table based on the amount of consumption, controlling the goods account and creating facilities for warehousing and handing over the arrived and stored goods on time. This job is related to senior purchasing accountants working in private and government companies and institutions. The job of a senior purchasing officer has been formed in the field of financial services. It is a job where cleanliness and trustworthiness and management of property that does not belong to the job are very important. A person who becomes a purchasing agent must know the goods well, be careful in getting accurate invoices and giving information. Know the bylaws well and most importantly be trustworthy.

Course headings Virtual Learning Senior Purchasing Agent:

+ Supply chain analysis and its design to achieve purchasing goals

+ Analysis of purchase types

+ Determining purchase sources

+ Preparation and adjustment of purchase contract

+ Using e-commerce in institutional purchases

+ Purchasing the goods needed by the units

+ Analysis Shipping documents for goods purchased from inside and outside the country

+ Analysis of payment and settlement methods with internal suppliers and institutions

Sample duties of senior purchasing agent:

1. Ability to buy medium and large goods 2. Familiarity with medium goods 3. Familiarity with large goods 4. Familiarization with trading regulations
  • Tendering
  • Types of contracts
5. Familiarity with receiving remuneration from accounting 6. Familiarity with the summary of the payer 7. Familiarity with procurement and distribution authorities and other commercial centers for purchasing Goods 8. Getting to know the types of receipts
  • Warehouse receipt
  • Goods delivery receipt
  • Warehouse certificate
  • Property receipt
9. Identifying the principles of buying medium and large goods

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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