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Training & Certificate Of professional video editing with Yulid Video Studio


E-Learning & Certification of professional video editing with Ulead Video Studio: Ulead Video Studio is one of the relevant skills in the field of information technology. The tasks of this competency include installing and setting up and learning the environment of Ulead Video Studio software, importing source clips, editing videos and images in Timeline, editing audio, working with transitions, working with filters, creating subtitles for Capture text, and titling. , save the project and prepare the output. This competency is relevant to all multimedia careers.

Summary of this course:

Subtitle (text) Title: Choose the library related to the texts, with this a message will appear on the screen. It may tell you to double-click on the page and write the desired text (for Farsi writing, you can use software such as Maryam or ipt5) and after writing the desired text, click on an empty place on the screen with In this way, the desired text will be placed in the corresponding text bar in the bars section, and to increase the time of the text placed on the clip, you can click on the text inside the bar, and with this, the beginning and end of the text will turn yellow, and then the mouse An arrow will appear in one of these two slave parts, click on it and move it inward or outward and release it to increase or decrease its time. To edit the text in Ulead Video Studio, you can click on the screen, the text will be selected (8 yellow dots are placed around it), and to change the text, you must click on the selected text twice. ….

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Professional video editing with Yulid Video Studio:

+ Yulid Video Studio comprehensive and complete training + Installing and setting up and knowing the environment of ulead video studio software + Import source clips + Editing movies and pictures in TimeLine + Audio editing + Working with Transitions + Working with filters + Creating a text subtitle (Title) + Capture in Ulead Video Studio + Saving the project and preparing the output

Prerequisites for professional video editing training course with Yulid Video Studio:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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