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Productivity management E-Learning & Certification


Productivity management E-Learning & Certification is a key process in increasing competitiveness, achieving sustainable growth, and long-term profitability of production and service organizations. Productivity is a mental concept and an attitude that seeks continuous improvement of the existing situation. . This concept is based on the belief that today can be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Productivity management requires that the organization continuously adapts its activities to the changing business conditions based on a process-oriented approach, and in this way it is possible to create value for all the stakeholders of the organization. Productivity is the relationship between the outputs and inputs used and is based on measuring effectiveness and Efficiency (Efficiency) of organizations is calculated in output production. In order to achieve competitive advantage and systematically manage productivity, organizations need to implement a comprehensive productivity management system.

What is productivity?

Based on the definition provided by economic and management experts, productivity shows the relationship between the use of production factors and the produced product. For this reason, productivity is considered a combination of efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is the concept of doing the work correctly and it is related to the useful use of resources, that is to get the maximum output from the minimum inputs. Giving effect to the concept of work is correct. That is, it is possible to produce more products by consuming less inputs, but this product does not have the desired quality desired by the consumer. According to the experts, in this case it is effective, but because the product lacks the necessary quality, it is not effective and cannot attract the satisfaction of the consumer.

The four productivity levers are:

• Increasing sales revenue (output) • Increasing output per unit cost (output) • Optimizing the use of labor (input) • Optimizing the use of capital (input)

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification productivity management:

    • Productivity management
    • Importance and challenges of productivity
    • Approaches and techniques to improve productivity
    • Productivity and technique Measurements
    • Quality and Productivity Management
    • National Organization Law

Productivity Management E-Learning & Certification Course Useful for the following fields:

  • Systems and Productivity
  • Management

Course Prerequisite Productivity Management Training :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative] Digital work registration Productivity Management Free Sample Certificate madrak educational standard Manual


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