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Training & Certificate Of Plan Electric P8


E-Plane Electric P8 E-Learning & Certification, is created to fully familiarize people with E-Plane Electric P8. In fact, ePLAN P8 is a Powerful and intelligent software for designing electrical schematic drawings and preparing other necessary documents It is for the implementation of a project and due to the many facilities and abilities it provides to users, it has been able to attract about 8000 customers in 30 countries as a reliable and acceptable software at the global level during the last several years. If you are a designer and operator of factories and electrical installations, it is enough to design a schematic map using this software and using its facilities, and leave the rest of the work to ePLAN P8 to create a list of parts, a general map, a list of communications, etc. extract and also have the possibility to make changes in your plans.Note: It has an educational help CD that includes 15 hours of software training.

The advantages of Eplan Electric:

  • During the design and implementation of the project, it is significantly saved and repetitive operations that cause fatigue of the forces and energy loss are avoided.
  • It will prevent the occurrence of mistakes and will prevent wasting time and energy to fix the errors.
  • There is no limitation in using a particular standard.
  • Simplicity and wide scope. Working with projects and not needing the software itself to view the project results.
  • Simplicity and convenience of supporting and maintaining projects.
  • The amount of work and time of subsequent projects is significantly increased due to the use of Previous projects will be reduced and will attract more projects.

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification E Plan Electric P8:

  • Students will learn about Eplan software and how to create electrical circuit projects and report them.
  • Projects – create, copy, delete, rename, backup, restore.
  • Pages – type, number, structures in EPLAN – how they work and why you need to understand them.
  • Macro page / window – how and why you use it.
  • Frame Diagram, diagram form – how we can make it.
  • Basic functions of EPLAN circuit – place symbol and create new symbol library, setting, number.
  • Reports (title page, view (cable overview, terminal diagram, parts report) Export EPLAN project to PDF.
  • Create 3D installation panel and 3D macro.
  • How to install Eplan software?
  • How to digitize conductors?
  • How to create 3D model views?
  • You can download books and summaries and read them at home. Practice by yourself.
  • How to create PLC macro and device?
  • How to create revision and project options?
  • How Create PLC box bits and address?


Every student can finish this course and after that can create their own projects at advanced level slow

Who is this course for:

  • Any student can take this course finish and after that he can create his projects at an advanced level. /h4> [list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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