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Training & Certificate Of oil production engineering


E-Learning & Certification of oil production engineering is related to the field of engineering that deals with the production of hydrocarbons (which may be from crude oil or natural gas). Underground activities are related to the upstream part of the oil and gas industry (including the exploration and production of hydrocarbons), and surface activities (including the refining of hydrocarbons and their distribution to the markets) are related to the downstream part of the oil and gas industry. Petroleum exploration and engineering are the two main axes in the underground activities of the oil and gas industry, the main focus of which is on increasing the economic extraction of hydrocarbons from underground reservoirs. Petroleum geology and geophysics describe hydrocarbon reservoir rock in a quiescent state. At the same time, oil engineering studies the estimation of the movable volume of this source, taking into account the data of the physical behavior of oil, water and gas in a porous environment and at very high pressure.

List of headings virtual learning Oil Production Engineering :

_ Oil from the beginning to today _ Oil from the tank to the refinery _ Oil geology _ Fundamentals of well testing _ Familiarity with downhole equipment _ Principles of oil well drilling _ Engineering of hydrocarbon reservoirs _ exploitation and production engineering _ characteristics of petroleum fluids _ production, Oil reservoir recovery, extraction _Oil engineering (comprehensive) E-Learning & Certification course in oil production engineering is useful for the following jobs: + Oil and gas refinery + Industries Petrochemical + Distribution of petroleum products + Energy Exchange + active private companies related to the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry + Trading in the field of energy + Foreign trade Prerequisites for the oil production engineering course: This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basis of training .


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