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E-Learning & Certification of raising Quebec


E-Learning & Certification of raising partridge, Partridge is one of the birds that can be easily reared. And in case of mass production, it has a high productivity percentage. so that its meat can be offered. Quebec can be cultivated throughout the year by applying special management techniques and using a certain light cycle. Assuming that the breeding herd is laying eggs, it is important to collect the eggs in order to prevent their damage due to excessive cold or heat. It should be remembered that if the eggs remain for a long time at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they may lose their ability to grow. And on the other hand, they start to grow (embryo formation) at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That does not seem desirable. Because when the egg is growing at a temperature of 80 degrees, by collecting and storing it at the recommended temperature of 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, the embryo may be damaged and the egg may remain rotten.

Summary of this course:

There are many species of Quebec in the world. The most famous of which are: Quebec choker ( Chukar Alectoris), rock partridge (graeca Alectoris) and European red-legged partridge (rufa Alectoris), of course, all partridges are red-legged. The species available in our country are mostly Chukar. For a long time, in many countries, breeding and keeping birds such as pheasants, turkeys and partridges, in addition to raising chickens, has been common to provide meat for human consumption, especially for special tastes.

Course headings Virtual Learning Breeding Quebec:

+ Quebec + Properties of quail meat + Hunting rules + Quebec Breeding

Prerequisites for the Quebec Breeding Training Course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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