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E-Learning & Certification of MBA management in tourism


E-Learning & Certification of MBA management in tourism: tourism, tourism or tourism and tourism It is generally considered as recreational travel. Although in recent years, it includes any travel that takes a person out of their work or life environment. A person who does tourism is called a tourist, a tourist or a tourist. Successful management of a business is not so easy and it is very difficult to track the labor force in today’s competition. The purpose of MBA is to do business better, which is an abbreviation of Master of Business Administration, in which business management in a scientific and practical way Scholars are taught. MBA aims to use your creativity and ability to be an entrepreneur and create new activities within the organization.

Course headings Licensed Education MBA Management Tourism:

+ Archeology of Iran + Basics of sociology + Basics of organization and management + Map reading and getting to know the map + Getting to know the museum management + Examining government policies in tourism + Legal laws of tourism + Art and architecture of Iran + Fundamentals of Anthropology + Management of Organizational Behavior + Principles of Accounting + General psychology + Knowing the psyche of nations + Understanding the tourism industry + Tourism policy + History of Iranian culture + Features of the ideal tour guide + Principles of economics + other resources

Who is tourism MBA suitable for:

– managers, experts and employees in travel and ticketing service offices

– managers, experts and employees in hotels and other accommodation centers of the country

– guides and Designers of foreign and domestic tours

– Managers and experts of government organizations in the fields of cultural heritage, crafts and tourism

– Managers and experts Transportation, free zones, municipalities and other institutions

– students of tourism and other disciplines who intend to enter the world of tourism business

– Interested people who have non-tourism education and career fields and want to enter this field.

Prerequisites for the MBA management course in tourism:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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