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Microsoft server manager E-Learning & Certification


E-Learning & Certification of the administrator of Microsoft servers: After installing Windows Server, taking into account its special features and according to their performance, the next step should be to manage these servers. Windows Server includes practical tools for understanding the Windows Server environment, managing specific servers, optimizing performance, and finally automating many administrative tasks. The tool you use for administration depends on the type of systems you have set up. Including (Windows server with desktop environment or Core server), physical machine or virtual machine where your servers are located. Server Management Server Manager is a management console that is included in a complete Windows Server installation. (Not available in non-UI packages – Server Core does not include Server Manager). Windows server management, where you intend to install or remove relays on the server, remote servers, services, and also view data in your server environment, can be easily done by Server Manager.  

What’s in the course virtual learning > Microsoft Server Manager You will learn:

+ Install and configure Windows Server 2016 + Create a Windows Domain + Configure your Windows Server 2016 operating system to act as a DHCP server Run + Install, configure and deploy the Domain Name System (DNS) role on your Windows Server operating system + Installing and Configuring Multiple Domain Controllers (DC) + (Bonus) Install Windows 10 and join a workstation to the new Windows domain Join yourself + Manage Windows 10 workstations from your Windows Server domain controller + Create users, groups, and OUs with Active Directory Users and Computers + Create and understand Group Policy Objects (GPOs) with Group Policy Management + Learn to write Powershell scripts for your Windows Server like a real IT professional! + Create a Windows Update Services (WSUS) server. Verify and deploy updates to servers and computers in your domain + Install and manage Windows Server 2016 Core Edition + Make your Windows Server 2016 operating system act as a router + Learn how to use Active Directory sites and services  

Who is the Microsoft Server Manager training course suitable for?

+ Anyone who wants to learn with Windows Server 2016 + If you want to get an IT job, take this course + If you want to gain high paying skills in Add your resume, take this course  

Prerequisites for this course:

+ A computer with at least 4 GB of RAM and 64-bit operating system + Internet access + Windows PC or MAC  
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