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Training & Certificate Of meters and estimates


E-Learning & Certification of meter and estimate: Meter is a set of precise activities including measuring and obtaining the volumes and amounts of work required for a project is Each project consists of many activities. And each activity has its own unique measurement unit. For example, calculating the amount of paving stones for a project is measured in square meters. Excavation is a project in cubic meters. or calculating the length of ground cabling. Estimation is: calculating and measuring the amount of materials needed to implement a project in order to predict the required budget.

More details

Estimation is usually the calculation of the amount of materials needed before the implementation of the project. And it is done to estimate the costs of the project. In fact, meter and estimate have no difference in structure. But they are different in time of application and accuracy. When the employer intends to carry out a project, he estimates the costs of the project with the help of his technical office engineers or a consultant. Then, by holding a tender, he invites qualified contractors to participate in the tender based on the estimate made. Engineers of the contractor’s technical book also review the drawings and estimates after purchasing the tender documents. To offer their price for participating in the tender according to their financial capacity, manpower, and the machines and tools they have.

Course headings virtual learning meters and estimates:

+ Meter estimation and price analysis + Principles of meter and estimation + Booklet of meter and estimation + meter project

types of meters

According to what unit the materials are calculated with and for what needs, types of meters can be defined, which are: + Closed meter + Open meter (price analysis)

Meter and estimation course prerequisites:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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