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Training & Certificate Of mechatronics


Mechatronics E-Learning & Certification: Mechatronics engineering (or mechanical and electronic engineering) is a combination of three disciplines: mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. This field tries to have an integrated look at the systems consisting of mechanical-electronic-control components and software∗. The word mechatronics draws your attention to the science of mechanics and electronics. But the goal of mechatronics is to create and use the internal connection between engineering disciplines related to automation and automation, to employ a profile of advanced control in hybrid systems. Mechatronic engineering is an integrated interdisciplinary set of covering the common goals of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, computer engineering, molecular engineering (from nanochemistry and biology). The goal of mechatronics is to achieve simpler, cheaper, more convenient and flexible systems. On the other hand, graduates of mechatronics engineering, with their comprehensive view of engineering sciences, can supervise the implementation of engineering projects and plan for them.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Mechatronics:

+ Basic e-book + Microprocessors book + Machine vision book + Automation book in mechatronics production + Optimization brochures in design and production + Pneumatic hydraulic brochure

Other headings:

+ Algorithm and flowchart book + Similar book Computer construction + Real-time systems control book + Robotics and mechatronics basics book + Handbook of robotics and Automation + Mechatronics handbook + Robot anatomy

Mechatronics course prerequisites:

[ list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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