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Marketing manager E-Learning & Certification


Marketing Manager E-Learning & Certification is a practical and easy guide to marketing analytics for products. We teach you how to analyze data so you can make better marketing decisions. Marketing analytics training is strictly academic in focus, with an emphasis on accuracy and statistical significance that is rarely achievable in the corporate world. Working in marketing for companies of all sizes, we notice a huge gap between how we teach analytics and how we use them. Decisions – even in very large companies – are usually made quickly and with very incomplete data. This course teaches you how to analyze data in ways that are immediately applicable in the world of work. This course is for marketers, managers and Entrepreneurs with varying levels of experience who want a comprehensive overview of quantitative marketing. This content can also be useful for people preparing for interviews and for analysts who do not have marketing expertise. This content is not for those seeking a specialized position in statistics or business intelligence.   The main topics of theTraining & Certificate Of the marketing manager: Marketing analysis, digital marketing analysis, marketing data-based marketing analysis, marketing data, market analysis, quantitative marketing, product marketing and digital marketing, product management, program production Marketing Startup Marketing SaaS Marketing Marketing Strategy Product Marketing Manager   Who is this course suitable for? Marketers Marketing Managers Entrepreneurs Product Managers Product Owners   Prerequisites of this course: The marketing manager course does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.
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