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Training & Certificate Of illustrator software


E-Learning & Certification of illustrator software will undoubtedly be very useful for people who work in the field of graphics. Illustrator software allows its users to edit their images in the best possible way or even start designing. This course has fully taught the Illustrator program. The basis of this software’s work is on is vector images (vector). The environment of Illustrator software and many panels, menus, tools, filters, etc. is similar to Photoshop, with the only difference that Illustrator is for working on vector images, and with this software, users will be able to create vector designs. Focus on images, video files, flash animations, etc. Illustrator allows its user to enter a photo into the software and this photo is used as a guide to trace a shape in it. This feature can be used to color a photo or create a design-like mode in the photo.

Illustrator software application:

+ Convert photo to vector + Design for printing in very large dimensions + Access to special colors for printing and manage colors in a simple way + Create repeatable elements in the easiest way + Create a professional digital painting

list of headings E-Learning & Certification illustrator software:

+ Illustrator software basics training + Illustrator software introductory training + Intermediate training of Illustrator software + advanced training of Illustrator software + advanced Illustrator technique illustrator software training course is useful for the following jobs: + designer and graphic artist + motion graphic designer + designer User interface Prerequisites of the illustrator software course: This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. Registration of digital work Illustrator software free sample document E-Learning & Certification of Excel 2018 educational standard Manual


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