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E-Learning & Certification on how to start a Lenzi business


E-Learning & Certification to start a business using the Lenzi method, ability to start a business with the help of LNSIE is in the field of finance and business and includes tasks: identification of work life skills, identification of entrepreneurship and business concepts And work is the implementation of the process of starting a business, improving the business and developing the business, and it is related to entrepreneurship. By creating a positive motivation for personal, social and economic development, the Lensi method business startup course guides the participant to achieve their dreams and career goals, and it is a composite model that, while strengthening people’s professional life skills, provides the necessary knowledge in It teaches the creation, management, improvement and development of business using different networking models of local micro businesses. LNSIE is a comprehensive and targeted program that, through a series of educational-executive activities, promotes the professional life skills and business knowledge of people and guides them towards the creation, growth or development of market-oriented activities. The meaning of its abbreviations is as follows: L: Life skills job N: KKnowledge Business S: Start up Business I: Improve Business E: Expand Business and work  

Lenzi method business startup list:

  Identification of professional life skills Identification of professional life skills Identification of entrepreneurship and business concepts Implementing the process of starting a business Improving business   E-Learning & Certification course on starting a Lenzi method business is useful for the following fields:   Senior Business Manager DBA Business Manager MBA Entrepreneurial Business Management Executive Management Social Worker Social Sciences Psychology Counseling and Guidance   Prerequisites of this course: The Lenzi method business startup course does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on Training is given.  
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