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Training & Certificate Of hotel design and equipment


E-Learning & Certification of hotel design and equipment, is for familiarizing with hotel design and equipment. Hotel is a French word and it means a place that provides the necessary facilities for a short-term stay of a traveler at the destination or route. In other words, the hotel is a service complex with the purpose of making money. Its history goes back to the industrial revolution of Europe. Its Persian equivalents are: caravanserais, guesthouses, etc., which regardless of the level and quality of their services, have a history of several thousand years in the world. The accuracy of the opinion and investigation in expressing the importance of the hotel and the precise measurement of human behavior in it and his increasing needs make the subject under discussion particularly complicated. Today, hotel design is considered a special specialty, because hotels are among complex designs. In addition, it is an economic issue whose design plays one of the most important roles in attracting customers. Today in the world, in addition to complying with hotel design standards, interesting initiatives are used to make the hotel more attractive. So that their hotel is different from other hotels and attracts more customers.

What is hotel equipment?

When talking about hotel equipment, it means all issues and supplies related to housekeeping equipment, hotel room equipment, lobby equipment, laundry and kitchen equipment, entertainment equipment and comfort facilities in a hotel. Is. Basically, the more modern, up-to-date and high-quality this equipment is, the more successful the collection will be in satisfying customers. And compliance with these issues will play a very fundamental and important role in hotel branding. Usually, famous hotels compete with each other in the supply of hotel equipment. And they try to surpass each other by using experienced forces in decorator teams, service and reservation departments and preparing the best cooks. The most important issue in obtaining customer satisfaction is providing better services, both in terms of human resources and hotel equipment.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification hotel design and equipment:

+ Types of accommodation + Basics and principles + Architecture + Design

Hotel design and furnishing course is useful for the following disciplines:

+ Architecture + Imran

Prerequisites for hotel design and furnishing training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and Basic training is provided. [/list_negative]


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