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Training & Certificate Of foreign procurement


E-Learning & Certification of foreign procurement: Although the word purchase or purchase implies a mere transaction involving a buyer and a seller, it needs to be implemented on several fronts, including technical, commercial, legal, interpersonal and managerial. People who are aware of the buying process can ensure the loss of management or poor communication and the success of the organization. This course is designed to help professionals and students understand the process and perform better, providing a comprehensive understanding of the management and practical aspects of purchasing. For students and professionals in construction, oil and gas, engineering, manufacturing, interior design, textiles or apparel. The work of the purchasing and procurement manager is one of the main and headquarters activities of any organization or company in order to achieve its goals and includes all matters related to the purchase of goods and services needed to perform all processes. The purchase and procurement unit is connected with all the company’s departments and somehow the company’s connection with external suppliers. The main goal of purchasing and procurement management is to provide timely goods, equipment and services for different departments and meet their needs in order to achieve organizational goals.

What you will learn in the foreign procurement E-Learning & Certification course:

+ Purchase Decision + Supplier Evaluation + Division of work and resource calendar + Types of purchase contracts + Contract conditions and documents + Delivery conditions – Incoterms + Purchase activities and documents + Basics of dispute resolution + Earned value management + Risk management  

Who are the Foreign Procurement E-Learning & Certification Course suitable for:

+ Entrepreneurs and business owners who are directly involved in the purchasing process Participants include + managers and engineers who assist procurement managers in operations + managers and logistics support engineers in projects + Engineering and management students who are looking for job opportunities   Prerequisites for the foreign procurement E-Learning & Certification course: + Basic understanding of English language + Minimum Qualifications: College, Diploma or equivalent + Involves basic use of Microsoft Excel


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