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E-Learning & Certification for simulating fire and explosion incidents with PHAST software


E-Learning & Certification for simulating fire and explosion incidents with PHAST software: This software is one of the most powerful and famous software developed by DNV to model accidents caused by the release of toxic substances, fire and The explosion has been released. Among the features of this software, we can mention a powerful database of materials and simulation models, the possibility of defining a mixture, the ability to match the results on the map, and the possibility of drawing simple graphs with time. This software is able to model different stages of material release in the environment (either pure or mixed) including discharge, evaporation from liquid pools and finally material release. Both types of permanent release and sudden release can be modeled in this software. Also, weather conditions are considered as one of the input data to this software. Finally, this software can be useful for the following reasons: 1. Optimizing the design of the unit process 2. Quick response to high-risk incidents 3. Preparation for emergency situations

Course headings E-Learning & Certification simulating fire and explosion incidents with PHAST software:

+ Predicting events before they happen to PHAST software help

+ Modeling of pre-occurrence events using PHAST software

+ Modeling the consequences of accidents using PHAST software

+ Determining the risk caused by industrial activities with the help of software PHAST

+ Determining the amount of possible risks and losses caused by Incidents with the help of PHAST software

In general, this course has the possibility to model the following incidents:

1. Calculation of the amount of evacuation 2. Modeling of the release of gases 3. Spreading of liquids and the amount of evaporation in Software 4. Modeling the effects of radiation and the effects of fire caused by various fires. Such as jet fire, pool fire and explosion of boiling liquid expanded vapors (BLEVE) 5. Modeling the effects of high pressure due to the explosion of vapor clouds of flammable materials, the dynamics of the results of Fast is also one of the important advantages of this software. In such a way that the user can follow the progress of the incident at different times.

Prerequisites of the fire and explosion simulation training course with PHAST software:

+ This course The foundation is taught and does not require special prerequisites.


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