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E-Learning & Certification for calculating costs and controlling purchased goods and invoices


E-Learning & Certification on cost calculation and control of purchased goods and invoices is for checking the job and duties of financial documents administrator. The costs are related to the production of goods. Management accounting is also one of the branches of accounting that href=” %db%8c-%d9%85%d8%ad%d8%a7%d8%b3%d8%a8%d9%87-%d9%87%d8%b2%db%8c%d9%86%d9%87 -%d9%87%d8%a7-%da%a9%d9%86%d8%aa%d8%b1%d9%84-%da%a9%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%a7″ target= “_blank” rel=”noopener”>Collects financial information for presentation to management. Cost of goods means the calculation of direct costs effective in producing goods or providing a service. These costs include labor wages, raw materials and construction overhead costs. In other words, the calculation of all the costs that directly or indirectly contribute to the production of goods or the provision of services. Business expenses including administrative and organizational expenses and distribution, marketing and sales expenses will not be included in the calculations. Due to the greater use of this branch of accounting in manufacturing industries, the term cost of goods production has been used.

Effective factors in calculating the cost of goods:

  • Raw materials: Materials that are directly used to produce goods.
  • Direct wages: is the cost of wages for workers and specialists who are directly involved in the production line and converting raw materials into desired goods. Manufacturing overhead costs: All factory costs are independent of direct costs and include the following:
  • Indirect materials: are not used in the manufactured product and can be produced without using them. The product is not available. Such as grease, oil, fuel, spare parts, etc.
  • Indirect wages: It includes the wages of people who are not directly involved in the production of the product, but their presence is necessary. Such as salaries of managers, support staff, guards, etc.
  • Other overhead costs: Including rent, repair and maintenance costs, electricity, water, etc.

Course chapters E-Learning & Certification Calculation of costs and control of purchased goods and invoices are:

  • Product cost analysis
  • Allocation of manufacturing overhead costs
  • Definition of cost and familiarity with Classification of costs
  • Work order costing system
  • Stage costing system
  • Concept of standard costing
  • Cost analysis , volume of activity and profit
  • Absorption costing and direct costing

Prerequisites for the course of cost calculation and control of purchased goods and invoices:

[ list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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