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E-Learning & Certification for accounting of material production factories


E-Learning & Certification on accounting of material production factories, is made to familiarize with the accounting duties of material production factories. The accounting of concrete material production factories is in the field of commercial-accounting financial affairs and has tasks such as price estimation and calculation of beam composition, reports of transportation and loading charges, and registration of the type of goods and trust goods, etc. This qualification is related to accountants working in construction projects.

Definition of industrial accounting:

Many definitions have been provided for industrial accounting (cost accounting), among which are the following two definitions: Industrial accounting is a part of the scientific accounting information system, which includes information about costs It collects, processes and presents the product for use in management accounting and financial accounting. Industrial accounting refers to a branch of accounting that collects information about cost factors, calculates products and services, as well as providing methods of reducing production costs through analysis of reports and review of production methods.

In short, the duties of an industrial accountant are:

1. Creating methods and ways of applying control in order to reduce costs. 2. Helping managers to implement accounting programs. 3.Evaluation of sex inventory, material inventory, inventory of goods under construction and inventory of manufactured goods (for the purpose of costing and pricing them, as well as providing methods of controlling the amount of inventory. 4.Management guide for final decision-making in order to choose the best A solution from the available solutions. 5. Forecasting and estimating production costs for a certain period (by setting the budget) 6. Collecting, separating, registering and sharing costs.

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification Accounting of material production factories:

+ Introduction to industrial accounting + Industrial accounting + Industrial accounting 1 + Industrial accounting 2 + Industrial accounting 3

The accounting course for material production factories is useful for the following fields:

+ Commercial and financial + Accounting + Financial management

Prerequisites for the accounting training course for material production factories:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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