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Training & Certificate Of financial accounting


E-Learning & Certification of financial accounting: This concept is a special branch of accounting that includes the process of recording, summarizing and preparing reports about numerous transactions and business operations over a period of time. These transactions are summarized in the preparation of financial statements, including balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement. which records the financial performance of the company in a certain period. Job opportunities for a financial accountant can be found in the public and private sectors. The duties of a financial accountant may differ from those of a public accountant.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification financial accounting:

+ Financial management + Financial accounting + Tax accounting + Knowledge of banking sciences + Domestic Banking + International Banking

Methods What is conventional financial accounting?

The methods used by a financial accountant are divided into two categories: cash and accrual. Both methods are used to record, analyze and report transaction data at the end of a given period such as a month, quarter or fiscal year. They rely on the same conceptual framework of accounting. But cash accounting allows you to focus only on the company’s transactions that involve cash. In this method, other economic events that have no cash inflows are not important. On the other hand, the accrual method is in the definition of financial accounting and its division. Under the accrual accounting method, a company records all transaction data regardless of cash inflows or outflows. In other words, this type of accounting includes the cash accounting method, but goes beyond it to consider all transactions of a company’s financial activities.

Prerequisites of financial accounting training course:

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