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Training & Certificate Of educational sciences (educational management and planning)


E-Learning & Certification of educational sciences (management and educational planning), educational sciences among humanities is a set of interconnected knowledge that examines the foundations, principles, goals, methods and solving the contexts and factors of education and educates And from the rational method and philosophical discussions in and education as well as scientific methods and findings of psychology, sociology, etc., are useful in theoretical and applied issues. The educational science course in the direction of management and educational planning is a combined course of psychology, sociology, philosophy, management, statistics, language and counseling courses. The purpose of this course is to provide more learning and teaching opportunities for compulsory education groups. and is interested in learning as well as training the skilled manpower needed by the society. In general, this field is about managing teaching and learning activities in order to create favorable changes in the learner’s behavior. A set of measures that are used to achieve a goal using the available facilities is called a method. which ultimately leads to learning in learners. Each teaching method has certain criteria and conditions, some of these criteria are mentioned below. A good method, first and foremost, should be in harmony with the biological and psychological foundations of human behavior. Secondly, it should have validity and logical value and be in line with the valid methods of acquiring knowledge. Thirdly, they should be compatible with human principles and ideals, and finally, they should have educational value and credibility.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification educational sciences (management and educational planning):

+ Education in the Islamic world + Sociology of Education + Educational System of Iran + Management principles + Educational sciences + Educational planning + Teaching methods and techniques + Teaching methods and techniques 1 + Introductions to educational technology + Use of computers in educational sciences

Prerequisites for educational sciences (educational management and planning):

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative] in the foundation E-Learning & Certification of Iranians Get a degree in a short time.


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