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ComprehensiveTraining & Certificate Of Windows Server


ComprehensiveTraining & Certificate Of Windows Server: Windows Server is a brand name for server operating systems published by Microsoft. This Windows provides facilities for managing servers and is installed on servers. Windows Server Home is a home server operating system for file sharing and data transfer, automatic backup and remote access. In the Windows Server training course, you will learn how to install, configure and manage Windows Server 2019. As a network administrator, you will learn the most common everyday uses for Windows Server 2019 with Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO) programs with remote server access. 2019 is the latest Microsoft Windows Server operating system available. Knowing how to use Active Directory as well as create and edit Group Policies (GPO) for users in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with remote access to the server is essential knowledge for any future network administrator or network administrator when looking for a job. This course will give you the necessary tools to achieve a better position in your current job.  

What you will learn in this course:

Management Network How to manage Windows Server 2019, create and use virtual machines and virtual laboratory installation and configuring Windows Server 2019, familiarizing with the domain and using Active Directory to create the domain, create and edit group policies (GPO) and…   Comprehensive Windows Server E-Learning & Certification CourseWho is it for? Windows Server Network Administrators Someone who wants to get their first job in IT. Someone who wants to add highly lucrative skills to their resume.   Prerequisites of this course: The comprehensive Windows Server course does not require special prerequisites, and the course is based on training is given.


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