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Training & Certificate Of civil procedure


E-Learning & Certification of civil procedure, is a formality that identifies people who claim a right for themselves. or they have a dispute with each other in civil matters, how can they implement these rights on time. In other words, the code of civil procedure is the rules that litigants, both plaintiffs and defendants, court judges and persons related to them in judicial matters. During the proceedings, from the beginning to the appeal of the court proceedings and issuing the verdict, they must comply. It means persons related to the judicial system, office managers, information officers and enforcement officers, lawyers. They are experts and official translators. The existence of these provisions expresses the fact that people cannot take action to assert their right and execute justice personally and of their own free will. The procedure of the court of law is called formal. And it is placed against substantive rights. The meaning of this term is that the substantive laws determine the existence of the right. But the procedure deals with the form and method of proving and implementing this right. Laws related to civil procedure due to their nature, which are set to facilitate the work of the courts, and the existing conditions have a significant effect on the way they are implemented. They usually change quickly. Civil procedure is a set of principles and regulations that are used to deal with civil and commercial matters in public courts. Revolution, Appeal, Supreme Court and other authorities who are obliged to comply with it by law. is used In the civil procedure training course, you will get to know this science virtually. Note: This course includes 430 minutes of educational audio files.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification civil procedure :

+ Civil procedure with audio file

Prerequisites of the Civil Procedures course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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