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Training & Certificate Of children’s tourism instructor


E-Learning & Certification of children’s tourism trainer: It refers to a person who has the ability to understand tourism information to children, school students and high school students. and can help children in the growth and development of travel and tourism culture. The English term Children Tourism & Hospitality Teacher is equivalent to tourism instructor for children and students. The tourism instructor of schools is a job in the field of tourism that has the following competencies: tourism and travel terms for children and students, checking hotels and accommodation centers and related departments, conditions travel and pre-travel plans of students Classification of attractive tourist places for travelers, the principles of entering the spaces visited by school tourists, checking the important points regarding traveling by vehicles (air, sea, land) for students, establishing effective and friendly communication between students and tourists, checking the important issues When attending restaurants and catering centers, the principles of starting tourist tours for students, the common diseases of students in travel and the principles of preventing them, the principles of staying in nature and camping equipment, the connection with all kinds of games and sports for children.
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Headings of the E-Learning & Certification children tourism trainer course:

+ Tourism and travel terms for children

+ Hotels and accommodation centers and related departments

+ Travel conditions and pre-travel plans

+ Classification of tourist attractions for travelers

+ Checking important points about travel or vehicles (air-sea-land) for children

+ Effective and friendly communication between children and tourists

+ Checking important things when attending restaurants and catering centers

+ The principles of entering places visited by tourists for children

+ Tour setup basics For children

+ Common diseases for children and principles of prevention

Course prerequisites E-Learning & Certification Children’s tourism instructor:

+ This course is taught from the basics and does not require special prerequisites.  
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