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Training & Certificate Of managers of sports tourism clubs


E-Learning & Certification of managers of sports tourism clubs has been created to introduce sports tourism. The manager of a sports tourism club is a job in the field of tourism that has competencies such as: how to establish a sports tourism club, the duties and functions of the club Sports tourism, marketing and knowledge of target markets, rules and regulations of sports groups – human resources management is a sports tourism club and with jobs such as sports tourism guide, manager of sports tourism camps and camping manager is related to sports tourism.

What is sports tourism?

Sports tourism refers to trips that involve watching a sports competition or participating in such competitions. Sports tourism is one of the subcategories of tourism and the tourism industry, which is expanding and improving day by day, and the number of its fans is increasing. Is. Sports tourism is usually divided into three types. Sports tourists tend to experience other attractions during their stay at the destination. Participants in a sports event, especially non-competitive matches, use the opportunity of this event to discover other tourist attractions of the destination; Therefore, it is important to combine sports tourism with other tourism sources and present them together to help differentiate the destination from other destinations and bring more benefits in general.

Types of sports tourism:

  • Sports event tourism
  • Active sports tourism
  • Nostalgic sports tourism

Course chapters E-Learning & Certification The manager of sports tourism clubs is:

  • How to establish a sports tourism club
  • Explaining the duties and functions of the sports tourism club
  • Marketing and knowing the target markets
  • Application of rules and regulations of sports groups
  • Management of human resources of sports tourism club

Prerequisites for the course of sports tourism club manager:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics will be [/list_negative]
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