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Training & Certificate Of car spare parts seller


E-Learning & Certification of car spare parts salesman is one of the jobs that has a very good economic value. The owners of the car spare parts sales job by purchasing all types of domestic and foreign car parts and supplying them to the customers of the target market, receive a fee for the original price of the product and an amount as their profit from the customers. TheTraining & Certificate Of car spare parts dealer is very affordable. It is enough to take a look at the living conditions of people who have been working in this field for years to know about their financial status and level of well-being.

Duties of car spare parts seller:

Matters related to analysis and review of society’s needs for spare parts and accessories for cars, Preparation and supply of spare parts and anticipated required spare parts, shelf design and store layout, understanding the customer’s request when he enters the store, introducing the features of the available equipment Convincing the customer and making the deal and completing the sale and interacting with governmental and non-governmental organizations, especially the trade union, constitute the duties of this job. This job is related to jobs such as auto mechanics.

The reasons for the boom in the sale of car spare parts:

  • The country of Iran is different from all other countries in the world in the car industry, and it does not impose the stubborn laws governing car manufacturers in other parts of the world on its car industry, and this This has led to the fact that sometimes cars with several decades of operation are in traffic on our streets, and for years, instead of renovation, they have imposed the costs of replacing parts and repairs on their owners, and this issue has provided the basis for the prosperity of car spare parts sellers.
  • The transformation of the car into an essential product in Iranian culture has made people, under the least circumstances, not to be burdened by the failure of their car and to repair and replace its parts as soon as possible. .
  • The variety of cars available in the market, including domestic and foreign cars, and the multitude of parts used in each car, and the lack of quality of some car spare parts, have increased the need for car repairs.
  • Inflationary conditions of the country, unlike most businesses, are a support and strength of heart for the owners of this business, and sometimes the owners of this business get a lot of profit from the inflation.
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    List of course headings virtual learning car parts dealer:

    + car parts + detailed look at car parts + relationship management with Customer + successful and effective communication + Dimensioning + Spare Parts List + Auto Repair For Dummies Car spare parts salesman training course is useful for the following fields: [list_positive] Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering [/list_positive] Requirements for the car spare parts salesman training course: This course does not require special prerequisites and the car spare parts salesman course is taught from the basics. Registration of digital work Car spare parts dealer free sample certificate E-Learning & Certification of Excel 2018 educational standard manual
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