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Training & Certificate Of car insurance expert


E-Learning & CertificationTraining & Certificate Of a car insurance expert: When you insure your car or any vehicle, you expect that after the accident and the visit of the body insurance expert, in exchange for paying the insurance premium, your insurance company Be committed and come to your aid in case of accidents. In case of any accidents to your vehicle, you have to bear the cost to get the repairs done and get your vehicle back to health. He is an expert in car insurance in the field of financial and commercial affairs and has qualifications such as calculating and determining the premium rate of the car body, reviewing the bylaws related to third party insurance, determining the type of damage and costing the damage of cars, and checking the legal relationships of parties in determining the authenticity of the car. and its ownership is related to the insurers and insurers.  

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Automobile insurance expert:

+ Review of insurance laws and regulations approved by the Central Insurance of Iran

+ Calculation and determination of car body insurance premium rates

+ review of bylaws related to third party insurance

+ Analysis and review of car components and performance criteria of different parts

+ Determining the amount of damage and repair costs of car bodies

+ Who is responsible for the loss of the car price?

+ Calculating the rate of risk simples in car body insurance using a generalized linear model

Expert duties Car insurance includes:

1- Is the damage that occurred within the scope of the insurance company’s obligations and is it stated in the insurance contract or not? 2- What was the severity of the damage and how much cost is needed for its repairs? 3- Has the car owner secured the vehicle in any way or not? Because sometimes it has been seen that if the owner of the vehicle had observed the precautions, this damage would not have occurred with such intensity. In this situation, the body insurance expert must report the extent of the car owner’s negligence in order to reduce the cost of compensation. 4- After the examination of the body insurance expert in traffic accidents, it should be proven whether the car owner was at fault or not? If the driver is at fault, the discounts will be reduced, but if it is determined that another person was at fault based on the police report. Therefore, the insurance company pays the damage to the driver without reducing the body insurance discounts. 5- Vehicle inspection by in order to estimate the amount of damage entered 6- initial inspection of the car before signing the insurance contract and or before renewing again

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites And it is taught from the ground up.  
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