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Training & Certificate Of business negotiation techniques


E-Learning & Certification of business negotiation techniques, Business negotiation is one of the most important subsets of negotiation principles and techniques, and to be successful in business negotiation, we must be equipped with a wide and diverse set of knowledge and skills.

What is negotiation?

Negotiation is one of the general skills that every person needs in social relations regardless of their job. Whenever you ask someone a question and your desired answer is “yes” or you ask someone to do something for you or to remove an obstacle from your way, you are negotiating. Whether you know it or not, you are negotiating your whole life. Every day in every part of the world, people face situations to negotiate. Some of these negotiations are simple and some are very complex. The negotiation of two children in one family to choose a TV channel, the negotiation of two people for marriage, the negotiation of the seller and the buyer, the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West, etc. are some of the negotiations. This type of communication shows that negotiation between people can start from simple and elementary levels and sometimes take complex international forms.

Summary of this course:

Each of us has material or spiritual needs that may be related to our commercial or emotional relationships. Negotiation is the starting point to achieve these demands. For example, Mr. (A), the factory manager, has closed the door of his room and is discussing with the production manager, Mr. (B). From the window, you can see the workers standing in the factory yard and together talk . Of course, their voice cannot be heard from behind the glass and closed window. These two people talk about the dispute between the production manager and one of the supervisors. The workers discuss with each other about the outcome of the meeting. Everyone has an opinion on the issue and they even make judgments and prejudices about the outcome of the negotiations between these two people.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification business negotiation techniques:

+ Principles and techniques of business negotiations + Principles and techniques of negotiation + The law of attractiveness of communication + Mantara techniques + Menon of negotiation + Power of expression + Effective management of negotiations + Principles and techniques Sales negotiations + Negotiation techniques + Body language

Prerequisites for the business negotiation techniques training course :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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