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Training & Certificate Of applied econometrics


E-Learning & Certification of applied econometrics: Econometrics as a branch of economics is used in many experimental studies. The importance of econometric methods is so much that some consider it an integral part of economic analysis. And they consider its application in areas such as monetary economy, international trade, etc. to be inevitable. One of the distinctive features of this branch of economics (which allows for quantitative analysis) is its rapid and dramatic changes over time, especially during the past decades. The importance of this issue is doubled when in some cases the new methods and practices modify, complete or violate the previous methods. And therefore, lack of familiarity with new tools in this field can lead to misleading analyses. Another characteristic of econometrics is that it is not considered as an abstract tool, but as a practical tool in economics. What is important in using this tool, in addition to the precise identification of theoretical aspects related to different methods, is the ability to combine this quantitative tool with economic theories.

What’s in the training Virtual Applied Econometrics You will learn:

+ How about applied econometrics to think  

Who is the Applied Econometrics training course suitable for?

+ Bachelors of economics who are about to complete the course Second/third are econometrics. + Bachelors of social sciences who have taken a course in statistics and want to use data at the next level. + In undergraduates who have to write any project, the thesis revolves around trying to prove the effect of X on Y. + Graduate social sciences who have taken a course in statistics and want/have to write any project. The thesis revolves around trying to prove the effect of X on Y. + Aspiring policy experts or professionals, who must be able to read and critique research summaries and policies they meet in everyday life.  

Prerequisites of this course:

+ Preliminary statistics (until statistical inference) + Algebra High School + Preliminary econometrics  


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