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AdditionalTraining & Certificate Of general accounting


Complementary general accounting E-Learning & Certification, an accountant (supplemental general) is someone who, after completing the necessary training courses, can collect, analyze, measure, register and classify, aggregate, summarize and Report events that have a financial impact on an institution and use accounting software in financial matters. Summary of this course: General accounting is divided into the following classifications: + Assisting clients by directly preparing their financial statements. which includes the management of many accounting functions based on outsourcing. + Auditing financial statements of clients + Preparing tax reports for clients if a public accounting firm acts Hiring an accountant to prepare a client’s financial statements limits the company’s independence and ability to provide many of the other services mentioned in the previous articles. For example, a company cannot prepare and calculate the financial statements of a customer. Public accounting companies employ a large number of certified accountants. The set of skills required to provide special services to customers are very specialized. As a result, public accounting firms may be divided into specialized sub-categories, each staffed with appropriately trained and experienced staff.

General accounting job titles are:

+ Financial accounting: in all commercial and non-profit companies and institutions + Industrial accounting: in all industrial units and manufacturing companies + Government accounting: in all organizations and government departments as accountants or accountable agents + Tax accounting: in finance departments + Insurance accounting: in insurance institutions + Bank accounting: in branches and supervision of banks + Audit + Bookkeeping + Assistant accountant + Certified Accountant

Headings Virtual Learning Additional General Accounting:

+ Ability to register and report accounts + Ability to check the financial performance of institutions + Ability to prepare final financial statements (financial statement) + Ability to register special accounts of commercial institutions + Ability to register commercial documents + Ability to perform accounting operations related to payer, sandov and bank + Ability to modify accounts + Ability to close accounts at the end of the financial period + Ability Recognizing accounting assumptions and principles and their importance in accounting + Ability to use computer in accountant (Peach software training)

Prerequisites of the additional general accounting training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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