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Training & Certificate Of work by presenting ICDL-POWER POINT materials


E-Learning & Certification of work by presenting ICDL-POWER POINT materials: Powerpoint software is one of the software belonging to the Office collection and a product of Microsoft. This software, which is also known as microsoft powerpoint, is designed and built to create different slide shows and can be very useful in different cases. In the first part of this course, we will cover the main tools of PowerPoint. This makes the course suitable for beginners and inexperienced users. Once we’ve done that, we’ll explore some advanced features, which are often overlooked by regular users. The third part of this course is a case study. We will go through the entire thought process necessary to create a properly structured company presentation. And then, we’ll create the actual show. You will get first-hand experience on how to design beautiful PowerPoint slides!  

What’s in the course virtual learning You will learn to work by presenting ICDL-POWER POINT materials:

+ Work comfortably with PowerPoint and its many advanced features + Become one of the top PowerPoint users on your team + Do regular tasks faster than ever before + Sophisticated and organized PowerPoint presentation + Feel more confident when presenting to superiors + Make an impact in your work and achieve your professional goals  

Who is the ICDL-POWER POINT presentation training course suitable for?

+ Anyone who tries to create professional PowerPoint presentations Slow + People who want to improve professionally  

Prerequisites of this course:

+ Students must Install Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 + As we cover the basics, no prior knowledge of PowerPoint is required  


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