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E-Learning & Certification on ways to improve consumer behavior


E-Learning & Certification on ways to improve consumer behavior, includes studying the processes that consumers use to make decisions on purchases, goods or services, and examining the factors that affect decisions Purchase and the use of products affects, uses. The subconscious mind of every person is responsible for making decisions more than the conscious mind. We will discuss some important topics in detail, such as: types of consumers, role of consumer behavior in loyalty, model of consumer behavior, stages of decision making process, how to reduce cognitive dissonance, influencing factors in consumer behavior, role of behavior consumer.  

What you will learn in the course of ways to improve consumer behavior:

  • What is meant by consumer behavior?
  • Description of types of consumers
  • Why consumers buy
  • Importance of consumer behavior
  • li>
  • The role of consumer behavior in loyalty
  • Consumer behavior model
  • Stages of the decision making process
  • How to reduce cognitive dissonance
  • Consumer participation in purchase decisions
  • Types of consumer purchase decisions
  • Factors influencing consumer behavior
  • Role of customer behavior and satisfaction
  • The role of consumer behavior for relationship
  • The role of CRM in consumer behavior
  • Explaining the role of consumer behavior
  E-Learning & Certification course on ways to improve consumer behaviorWho is it useful for? Business owners Professionals interested in marketing, sales or advertising People who design, consumer behavior or interested in psychology.   Prerequisites of this course: The course on ways to improve consumer behavior does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.
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