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Training & Certificate Of the businessman


E-Learning & Certification of a businessman: It is a job in the field of administrative-financial affairs. Duties such as performing inquiry procedures, performing executive procedures, preparation and adjustment Meeting minutes, to carry out marketing, the implementation of receiving remuneration, the implementation of the rules and regulations related to business. This job is related to jobs such as merchants and suppliers.

Description of duties of the contractor:

+ Follow-up and coordination of the purchase of items and goods needed according to the orders of the superior and within the framework of purchasing and processing regulations + follow up on obtaining price inquiries regarding the required items from reliable sellers and suppliers + efforts and Accuracy for choosing the best type of goods and materials for purchase + Preparation of product samples and presentation to the relevant supervisor to match its specifications + Obtaining detailed knowledge of the technical specifications and prices of the goods to ensure compliance with the specifications of the requested items. + Follow up and take action to transport the purchased goods To the warehouse

Other topics:

+ Delivering the purchased goods to the warehouse and receiving the receipt + Receive the price inquiry after securing the credit and receiving the necessary payment. #00ff00;”>+ Presenting documents and receiving the payment again + Depositing the payment to the account of the payment after completing the amount to the relevant accountant and collector and requesting the payment Returning + Taking action on registering the purchased items in the relevant offices + Performing other assigned tasks In the field of organizational duties from the superior

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Merchant:

+ Ability to perform price inquiry procedures before purchasing goods

+ Ability to prepare and organize meetings related to clearance of goods and receipt of goods for delivery to the warehouse

+ Ability to conduct marketing through auctions and tenders

+ Ability to implement payment receipt and adjust documents related to account settlement in time periods

+Ability to apply laws, regulations and regulations related to employment and Financial

Prerequisites for this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites. And it is taught from the ground up.


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How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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