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Training & Certificate Of the art of coffee shop, you have a barista degree


E-Learning & Certification of the art of coffee shop ownership

The industry of coffee shop ownership and barista degree in Iran is a new industry that, as one of the subcategories of the Union of Juice, Ice Cream and The coffee shop is working. The first spark of a coffee shop is passion. After that a good initial investment. Because apart from the right location for the coffee shop, its decor is also very important, which will be costly. Coffee shop is very different from other jobs. For a coffee shop, it is not possible to advertise door-to-door like a restaurant. It is necessary for the customer to visit the cafe and feel good about it so that he will come again.

Barista Certificate

The coffee shop must have customers hanging out every day. But those who cannot open a coffee shop should not worry. Because they can have a job with a medium income by taking the coffee shop art training course and learning this profession. Because the salary of a coffee starts from beginner to advanced and increases depending on how professional and powerful you become in your work. Employment position: Working in a coffee shop, managing private coffee shops and internal hotel coffee shops, masons coffee shops, women’s beauty and makeup salon coffee shops, women’s and men’s gym coffee shops . Coffee shops of reputable private companies, coffee shops of reputable stores of special and international brands, coffee shops of culture centers. Coffee shops of galleries, coffee shops of cinemas, coffee shops of exhibitions for holders of certificate. Coffee shop and barista certificate is available. “>
+ History Coffee + From the farm to the cup + Types of coffee + Processing coffee beans + How to grind, roast and brew coffee beans + Types of coffee grinders + How to prepare various types of coffee drinks + Chemistry of milk + How to prepare milk froth + Golden principles of hospitality in a coffee shop

Other headings:

+ Anatomy of the Feller coffee machine + Anatomy of the device Delonghi coffee maker + Coffee shop decoration example + Coffee shop menu + Coffee shop equipment + Education of sweets, ice cream, jelly, dessert, cake + Teaching how to prepare various kinds of drinks + Teaching how to prepare snacks and bites + Establishment plan Coffee shop

Course prerequisite authorized training of art of coffee shop:

[list_negative] + This course requires special prerequisites It does not exist and is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]


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How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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