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Training & Certificate Of psychometrics


Virtual psychometric training: In the word, it means measuring what is psychological. A strong foundation in statistics and psychology is a prerequisite for success in this course. Having a rich literacy in psychology and a good familiarity with philosophy science </ In addition to mastering mathematics and statistics, some students are less interested in this field. While the psychometric training course has countless attractions and no scholar can say that the courses of this field are repetitive. To progress in this course, mastering various statistical software such as SPSS, LISREL, BILOG, MULTILOG, SAS and other software to perform analyzes Statistics are necessary. In other words, psychometrics deals with research methodology in behavioral and social sciences, and how we can move our research activities in line with pure and less biased science in psychology and educational sciences is one of the goals of presenting this discipline all over the world. Psychometrics is the origin of intelligence testing. , personality test and career assessment.

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In this training course, due to the emergence of technology and the urgent needs of human society, there have been tremendous changes. Psychologists also use topics related to statistical scientists and quantitative methods to learn ways to organize and analyze data in order to quantify qualities. Nowadays, anyone who does research in the field of behavioral and social sciences will definitely come across the concepts of psychometrics. Psychometric methods are the backbone of psychology as an objective science.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification psychometrics:

+ Principles of psychometrics + Self-knowledge tests + Women’s self-knowledge test + Tests Psychometrics

Applications of psychometrics

+ Prediction: People can predict their success rate in the future predict in a certain field such as academic or career progress. Psychometrics is used to measure the ability of academic progress and other characteristics of people. In fact, prediction based on quantitative data is more valid and accurate than delusional thinking. + Selection: In institutions and organizations, psychometric tests are used to select suitable people. + Classification: Classification is the grouping of people based on logical divisions. Classification requires finding out in which group a particular person should be placed. Or based on what method to be trained or treated. Psychometry provides the necessary tools and equipment to classify people. + Evaluation (Evaluation): Psychometric tools to judge and evaluate programs, methods. Treatment measures and progress rate of patients as well as examination of new treatment methods are used.

Prerequisites for the psychometric training course:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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