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Training & Certificate Of psychoanalysis


Virtual psychoanalytic training deals with an intimate partnership during which the patient discovers the underlying sources of problems. This process is done not only mentally but also emotionally – by re-experiencing them with the psychoanalyst. Usually, the patient visits 4 or 5 times a week and lies on the psychoanalysis bed. He tries to share everything that comes to his mind. These conditions create an analytical atmosphere that allows the emergence of parts of the mind that cannot be accessed by other observational methods. During the patient’s talk, there are hints of the unconscious sources of his discomfort by a certain repetitive pattern of behavior, things that the patient hardly talks about. The relationship that the patient establishes with the psychoanalyst gradually manifests itself. The psychoanalyst helps the patient to further clarify these sources, and the patient makes what the psychoanalyst says more precise, corrects, rejects, and calls it Emotions and adds his thoughts. During the years that psychoanalysis continues, the patient wrestles with these insights and experiences, revisits them again and again with the psychoanalyst, and experiences them in his daily life, imaginations, and dreams. The patient and the psychoanalyst work hand in hand to not only change life-crippling patterns and eliminate debilitating symptoms, but also develop the freedom to work and love. At the end of the treatment, the patient’s life will have a deep and lasting change in behavior, communication, and sense of self.  

List of headings E-Learning & Certification psychoanalysis:

  • Freud’s psychoanalysis basics
  • The simple concept of psychoanalysis
  • Explaining Freud’s psychoanalysis, four basic concepts in psychoanalysis
  • Fear from the perspective of psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalysis and prohibition of marriage with incest
  • Psychopathology of the child’s unconscious conscience
  • The mystery of sleep documentary
  Prerequisites of the psychoanalysis course: This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basic .


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